On this page I share a Windows program I have developed, called Stascom Utility Suite. The download section offers a collection of useful Windows programs which can be retrieved directly from my site, with references to additional sources. The online shopping section provides references to online purchase sites to enhance independent living. Explore the smartphone section for links to external sources in this field. Ever wondered which screen reading software is available other than the ones you are familiar with? Explore the screen reader section to learn more. For those wishing to broaden their horizons, the thought provoking heading offers famous quotes and audio / video material. As the site matures, content pertaining to software tips, online education and much more will be added. Please bookmark my page and pop in frequently for new material.


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I started developing this program as a pet project in late 2015. Initially only a small group of people used these utilities, until it was suggested that I share the package publicly. As a screen reader user, I tend to add features to benefit this user group. However, some of the features can be equally useful to light-dependent folks. 😉
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Useful program downloads

A compilation of useful programs which can be downloaded directly from my site, as well as references to external resources.
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Get a description of what a screen reader is and download links to available packages on the Windows platform.
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GSMArena, opens external link
Thinking of purchasing a new handset, tablet or phablet? Fill in the name and model of the device you are interested in and get full hardware / software specifications, read reviews and more.
Applevis (opens external link)
Comprehensive resource for using Apple products with Voice Over, including blogs, forums, podcasts, reviews and guides
Inclusive Android (opens external link)
Comprehensive resource for Android devices, including "getting started" guides, reviews, tips and tricks.
Shine Plus on Google Play Store (opens external link
An alternative screen reader for Android handsets and tablets.
Shine Plus English manual (opens external link)
Although not perfect, this is an improved English version of the Shine Plus screen reader manual for Android handsets and tablets, submitted by Lordjeff.



Resources for independent living.

Cobolt Systems Ltd, opens external link
Shop for a wide range of products including talking clocks, talking multi function radios, talking combination ovens, talking watches, microwave cookware, a range of glasses, mouse magnifier, cordless mouse magnifier and more.
MaxiAids, opens external link
We carry the latest and greatest products to help you live every day to the fullest.
RNIB online shop, opens external link
We have a range of products to help you stay independant at home.

NVDA - Non Visual Desktop Access screen reader

I am a staunch user of NVDA, the screen reader developed by NVAccess in Australia. This powerful, free package provides access to Windows for 10's of thousands of blind people around the globe. If you can afford it in any way, please consider following my example by making monthly donations to NVAccess.

¢ $ €£ ¥

They need our financial support to continue meeting the challenges of a constantly evolving Windows environment.
Go to NVAccess donation page (opens external link)
Read the NVDA movement blog. Author: Bhavya Shah (opens external link)
Go to NVDA Expert certification page (opens external link)
Download the latest release of NVDA from the NvAccess page (opens external link)
Go to the official NVDA add-on page (opens external link)



Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.
Winston Churchill
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